Fred Jackson #22


Many great athletes get their start at the D3 level, Fred Jackson being only one of them.

Division III athletes balance their coursework with the demands of competing at the college level, without promise of athletic scholarships. The media coverage for Division III athletes is quite sparse, as the focus is placed upon higher divisions. This doesn’t mean that Division III athletes aren’t capable of achieving as much or going as far as those in higher divisions—which D3 Nation knows well.

Many notable D3 athletes have gone on to play at the professional level. It’s not an out-of-reach goal! The following athletes got their starts playing at D3 colleges — and are part of D3 Nation!

Jordan Zimmermann: Two-time MLB all-star pitcher
Devean George: 11-year NBA veteran, four
championship rings
Pierre Garcon: Seven-year NFL veteran receiver
Terry Mulholland: Twenty-year MLB veteran pitcher
Pete Metzelaars: 16-year NFL veteran tight end
Andrew Rock: Olympic 4x400m Relay Gold Medalist
London Fletcher: NFL Inside Linebacker
Billy Johnson: NFL Wide Receiver


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